Q. Can students apply while in makeup school?

Q. I submitted my application and it has been 5 business days but I have not heard anything? What do I do?

Q. Can I apply if I’m not a cosmetologist? I have my Esthetician, Nail tech, Barber/Hair Stylist license etc.

Q. Can I send in my Mac Pro card as a reference to be approved?

Q. I have some of the Option B documents but not all of them. Do I need all of them to apply?

Q. My discount is not showing up in my cart or on my check out balance. Why?

Q. When do I have to renew? When does the discount expire?

Q. What is a reference?

Q. Can I use a certificate from makeup school instead of a license?

Q. Will I get a physical card? Can I use the discount in stores? Will I need a discount code?