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14 Football Makeup Must Haves for the Big Game

26 Jan 2024

Whether you’re cheering in the stands or watching from home with friends and family, nothing elevates a big game day look like the perfect football makeup! And since we have a feeling you’ll be cheering, braving the elements, and enjoying some football game day goodies, you need football makeup that’s going to stand strong and show your team spirit all day long. Here, we’ve collected fourteen football game makeup ideas and must-haves for creating your most winning look for the big game.

Cardi B's Football Makeup Must Haves

Cardi B

Cardi B looked amazing rocking a Duck Plump look for the Big Game 2024, and you can get Cardi's lip combo from our Big Game ad at home! You’ll look football fabulous with Cardi B’s iconic makeup. Learn more about Cardi’s look on our Big Game page, and read on for the highlights.

To achieve Cardi’s lip look, first line lips with Suede Matte Lip Liner in Downtown Beauty. Then, use Duck Plump Lip Plumping Gloss in Bangin’ Bare. Finally, top with Duck Plump in Cherry Spice.

Want to learn more about these products? Read on to learn all about Lip Plumping Gloss and Suede Matte Lip Liner, our #1 and #3 football makeup must-haves.

Football Makeup Must Have #1: Duck Plump Lip Plumping Lip Gloss

Duck Plump High Pigment Lip Gloss is THE makeup look for the big game, and it isn’t hard to see why. With so many colors to choose from—eighteen, to be precise! — you’re sure to find a shade that complements your team’s jersey, with a nice full pout.

Plumping lip gloss adds shine, color, and plumping all in one. No injections needed for a duck lip look. Duck Plump Extreme Sensation Plumping Gloss is powered by spicy ginger, going into overtime to give you plump lips ready for the big game—and for that winning duck pout selfie! Simply apply like any other lip gloss. The hardest part is picking a color—but don’t worry, we have guide for you on choosing the perfect lip plumping shade! And like Cardi B, you don’t have to choose only one shade. Layer to create your own unique look! With free shipping on Duck Plump from 2/1 – 2/15, it’s the perfect time to try out some beautiful shades.

Football Makeup Must Have #2: Line Loud Long-Lasting Lip Liner

The perfect pair to Duck Plump Plumping Gloss, or as a complement to your usual lip look, lip liner can go a long way toward making your lips pop. With thirty shades to choose from, Line Loud Vegan Longwear Lip Liner is the pop of color you need when supporting your team.

The last thing you want when cheering from the stands is dry lips. With a formula infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E for smoother, softer-looking lips, this waterproof creamy formula smooth glides onto lips without drying you out. What’s more, it’s transfer, fade, and smudge resistant, so no need to worry about stadium goodies or the party snack table ruining your lip look.

Football Makeup Must Have #3: Suede Matte Lip Liner

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Suede Matte Lip Liner

Matte Lip Liner Pencil

22 - Downtown Beauty
Select a colour for Suede Matte Lip Liner
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Part of Cardi B’s Big Game look, this lip liner is a must for the Big Game Day. The matte lip pencil is easy to apply and blend for a lovely, powdery finish. Use the Downtown Beauty shade like Cardi B, or choose from dozens of colors of Suede Matte Lip Liner for a touchdown makeup look that’s uniquely you.

Football Makeup Must Have #4: Micro Brow Pencil

You’ll want your brows on fleek for the Big Game! Meet our #1 Micro Brow Pencil, used in our 2024 Big Game looks. She may be micro, but she's a major player when it comes to your fab football face makeup. Fill in sparse areas with precision and define your natural shape. Just use the pencil end to make short strokes to define the brow and fill in any sparse areas, then soften edges using the spoolie end. Choose from twelve inclusive, vegan, waterproof shades ready to weather a day in the stands or at a Big Game Day party.

Football Makeup Must Have #5: The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler

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Do you want to cheer on your team, brave the weather, and live your most fabulous life without worrying about your brows? The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler is available in four tinted shades for a range of hair colors, plus one clear eyebrow gel that dries totally transparent. The unique formula is flake-resistant and delivers up to 16 hours of non-sticky hold. Just use the included spoolie to brush your brows and style in place for a quick and easy lifted look that’s easy to apply and stays all day.

Football Makeup Must Have #6: Ultimate Shadow Palette

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Another must-have from our Big Game looks? The Ultimate Shadow Palette. Each palette is packed with sixteen vegan, true-to-pan eyeshadow shades designed to create a wide range of looks. From pigmented mattes, to creamy metallics, to bold shimmers, there's a shade to complement every look and every jersey! Use one color or multiple in order to create multi-dimensional eye looks. From the Warm Neutrals palette for muted looks to the I Know That’s Bright palette with vibrant shades, there’s something for everyone.

Football Makeup Must Have #7: Epic Ink Liquid Liner

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Our Epic Ink Liquid Liner is another staple from our makeup artists’ Big Game designs. This cult-favorite eyeliner features a slender and supple brush tip perfect for drawing on precise, seamless lines with waterproof eyeliner that stays defined throughout the game. You can adjust the thickness of your lines by pressing down just a touch, so you can choose how big of a presence you want your eyeliner to have on your Big Game makeup look team. Whether you prefer barely-there liner or a dramatic cat eye, this waterproof liquid eyeliner delivers Big Game-worthy results.

Football Makeup Must Have #8: Jumbo Lash! Vegan False Eyelashes

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If your liner is looking epic, we think your lashes should match! For the Big Game, our artists chose Jumbo Lash! Vegan False Eyelashes in Ego Flare, but there’s a range of Jumbo Lash! Vegan False Eyelashes to choose from. Our vegan false lash technology gives you voluminous extension-looking lashes that are light as a feather and last up to 12 hours, so you can flutter those lashes all day! No glue. No magnets. And they’re stackable and reusable up to 15 times, so you can continue to flaunt bold lashes long after the day of the Big Game is over.

Football Makeup Must Have #9: Makeup Primer

Football players need warmups to play their best, and your makeup look needs primer to perform at its peak! Just like different positions might focus on different drills, your primer needs depend on your priorities.

Looking for a smoothing primer? Try our Pore Filler. In need of moisture? Try Hydra Touch Primer for hydration. For achieving a matte look, we’ve got you covered with Shine Killer mattifying face primer. And you can never go wrong with The Marshmellow 10-in-1 Multitasking Primer for a sweat-proof start to your day. No matter your needs, we have the perfect warmup for you with a primer for every skin type.

Football Makeup Must Have #10: Pro Fix Stick Concealer Stick

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Color-correcting & buildable medium coverage concealer stick in 24 shades

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We’re all about easy application on the big game day so you can spend your time cheering for your team, not touching up your makeup. That’s why Pro Fix Stick Correcting Concealer is our go-to big game day concealer.

For blemishes and discoloration, we have 6 color correcting shades designed with a range of skin tones in mind. After color correcting, 18 complexion shades await you to layer as needed to conceal and brighten. And if you notice a need to touch up any redness or discoloration while at the game, these easy-to-carry sticks can be flawlessly layered over foundation as well as under, so don’t forget to tuck your favorite shade in your bag.

Football Makeup Must Have #11: Wonder Stick Contour

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You may have noticed we love convenience, portability, and ease of application. That’s part of why we love the Wonder Stick Contour and Highlighter Stick, another product our artists used for our Big Game 2024 looks. Highlight, contour, and blend like a wonder with our fan favorite dual-ended contouring stick. Swipe the deeper shade along the face’s natural contours, then apply the lighter shade to the highest points of the face to instantly brighten and highlight. Simply blend well with a sculpting brush for a gorgeous finish that brings out your natural shine.

Football Makeup Must Have #12: Can't Stop Won't Stop Mattifying Powder

Worried about oily skin on the Big Game Day? Our Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying Powder is here for an all-day matte finish and smooth complexion with no ashiness, cakiness, or transfer. Infused with oil-absorbing rice powder great for long days, this perfecting powder for oily skin comes in 10 sheer true-to-skin shades as well as one translucent and one peachy shade that help touch up shine without added coverage, perfect for touch ups during the game. Sweep the lightweight mattifying powder onto bare skin or over your foundation for a gorgeous, non-ashy finish to your big football game day look.

Football Makeup Must Have #13: Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation