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IN YOUR FACE, ON YOUR FACE! The Artistry Behind the Veganuary Campaign

Learn about the artistry behind the Veganuary campaign and about Mishel Garcia, the creative mind behind it. Get inspired and try our fierce animal print looks.
20 Jan 2023

The artistry for this campaign that supports vegan formulas was so original and so wild we had to find out more about who was behind it, so we sat down with LA native and Assistant Vice President of Global Artistry and Content Mishel Garcia to get the deets.

How long have you been with NYX Professional Makeup?

I started 7 and a half years ago. It was very old school NYX Professional Makeup back then; the style was very heavy IG makeup, thirty products, contoured, chiseled, intense and over the top. Now it’s more refined and polished.

Where did you start?

I came to the brand to launch retail and to revamp and educate people about the new NYX Professional Makeup. It’s professional, colorful, highly pigmented, good quality and affordable!

What do you do now?

I create campaigns from the bottom up, always considering the diversity and culture that makes NYX Professional Makeup. Everything from concept, sitting with agencies, backdrops, lighting and images--I’m involved. And then after being on set for shoots, I work with our social team to keep animation live throughout the year, so that it lives on our socials globally.

What’s the best part of your job?

My favorite thing is working for a brand that allows me to push limits and be creative. I feel like my individuality is being celebrated and that’s an awesome feeling!

What was the inspiration for this campaign?

Lots of research goes into seeing what makes NYX Professional Makeup stand out and look different. We wanna know what’s the X factor? We’ve seen kittens and puppies and all-green campaigns, but we wanted scroll-stopping imagery that makes people go ‘What is THIS?!’ We wanted to do in-your-face with some edge, while still being cruelty-free, PETA certified and 100% vegan. I love animal prints and started thinking about them as makeup and then how we could blow it out even further and get it into hair. Enter our amazing hair (@dhairiusnyc) and makeup (@amberdmakeup) team and we were able to make it a reality.

Introducing the cast and the looks

While the cast is beautifully diverse and the looks were adapted to suit their personalities and faces, the cohesive element was the animal print. Here are six personalized interpretations of vegan looks with big roar energy.


A leopard print hijab and subtle, soft pink hues incorporate the femininity of her Gen M culture. Nails bring the look together and her lips shine loud with one swipe of Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color in Ambition Statement, but nothing outshines that smile.


With a beautiful brow and lots of space, we created a jungle cat eye with Epic Smoke Liner in White Smoke and Mocha Match and paired with Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream for a fierce ultra-smooth lip in Chocolate Mousse.


Colors really pop on her beautiful skin tone, and she has beautiful eye space, so this was a chance for ferocious artistry. The Marshmellow Primer smoothed and softened, providing the canvas for a blue leopard eye and extending the mood into her hair. The look is paired with Epic Smoke Liner in Navy Heat and Sage Sparks.


Her signature mullet called for an edgy look, so we used buildable, blendable Epic Smoke Liner in Rose Dust and Violet Flash to do a negative space pink and leopard print eye that’s totally wild!


This look was about contrast. We met his authentic, off-the-wall vibe with refined skin by Bare with Me Concealer Serum in Camel and gave him untamed zebra eyes using Epic Smoke Liner in White Smoke and Black Smoke. A light balm on the lips pairs with the charms on his teeth for balance.


Big, almond shaped eyes and a beautifully defined brow inspired us to create a colorful zebra print with Epic Smoke Liner in Black Smoke and Brick Fire paired with flawlessly fair skin complemented with The Marshmellow Primer and Bare With Me Concealer Serum in Beige.


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