Tour our haunted house of the most popular Halloween looks and shop the essential beauty products to achieve them. Go scary, sultry, or sweet with these spooky Halloween ideas.

E-Girl Makeup Looks


Scene? More like be seen – online or IRL – as an iconic e-girl this Halloween. Achieve the look with bold winged eyeliner and soft watercolor blush, and complete it with hand-drawn hearts and faux freckles in a vivid shade. So cute, we’ll listen to your Spotify playlist anytime.

Joker Clown Makeup

Scary Joker

Achieve the iconic scary joker look this year with white makeup using our special effects palette that packs serious pigment. Whether it's a Jester, Circus, or Joker Clown, use NYX Professional Makeup to create the stuff of nightmares.

Euphoria Makeup Looks


This Halloween express yourself with euphoric hues of colorful eyeshadow, glitter, rhinestones, and diamonds for the perfect tribute to the show. Create the fantasy mood-trend makeup that is out of this world.

Fake Blood Makeup


Creating a scary, gore or illusion makeup this Halloween? We have all the makeup essentials to create the bloody looks. From the classic red lipstick to our professional SFX face and body palettes, your Halloween looks will be the talk of the town.

Cat Makeup

Kitty Cat

Going for a classic? Claw into a sexy cat costume this Halloween and pair with our gorgeously graphic eyeliners that make it easy to create fierce cat eye looks. NYX Professional Makeup has everything you need for a purrfect Halloween.

Vampire Makeup


It’s after midnight somewhere when you’re a creature of the darkness. No look says classic Halloween like a Witch or a Vampire. Go Wiccan with bewitchingly smoked out eyeshadow, or go vampire with a twilight complexion and blood-red lips. Let the darkness in…

Halloween Makeup Products

Halloween Essentials

Shop the products that get you the look.

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