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We've got foundation primer and eye primer,
as well as primer for oily skin.


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Skin Elixir Balance
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Skin Elixir - Balance

Price: USD 12.00

Price: $8.50

First Base Primer Spray
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BB Cream

Price: $13.00

Pore Filler

Price: $14.00

Total Control Drop Primer
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Honey Dew Me Up Primer
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Pore Filler Mini
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Face primer is an important part of a makeup routine. It creates an even base for foundation, as well as keeps it from fading throughout the day. Shop for face primer and eye primer, as well as primer for oily and dry skin. Our popular Angel Veil - Skin Perfecting Primer also minimizes shine, making it especially great for those with oily or combination skin. While all NYX Professional Makeup primers work with Total Control Drop Foundation, give our Total Drop Foundation Primer a test drive. It's a lightweight, matte primer.