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Fast forward to the new year with an exclusive sneak peek of our Spring 2021 Beauty Drops!


Fast forward to the new year with an exclusive sneak peek of our Spring 2021 Beauty Drops!

The Marshmellow Primer with Marshmellow Root Extract

Marshmellow Primer | NYX Cosmetics

It's the marshmellow effect! This 10-in-1 multitasking primer is infused with smoothing marshmallow root extract. With a soft whipped texture, this primer dries down totally transparent, to work on all skin tones. 10-in-1 benefits: This primer smoothes, softens, extends makeup wear for 16h, hydrates, soothes, evens tone, minimizes texture, blurs lines, adds a soft focus finish AND keeps makeup fresh. 100% vegan formula - and no silicones. It's the marshmellow effect! 100% agree that the primer creates a smooth canvas for easy makeup application 99% agree their skin looks softer after 4 days 98% agree their skin looks smoother after 4 days 99% over satisfaction! * In a consumer study Pro Tip: Use the Marsh-mellow Blending Sponge to apply product and blend for the smoothest, softest complexion. This Product is also: Vegan Vegan Check it out here:​

10-in-1 makeup benefits curated entirely with a 100% vegan formula. Meet the marshmallow root extract primer that hydrates, soothes, and softens your skin.

Brow Glue is Totally Transparent

Brow Glue | NYX Cosmetics

Stick it to your brows! Our 1st instant brow styler with up to 16H extreme hold. This glue-like gel is transparent, flake-resistant, and dries down non-sticky with a natural finish! It's quick & easy to apply: just brush on and style in place to create limitless brow-raising looks that actually stay.

Stick it to your brows. Delivering the brow lamination of your dreams. 24-hour hold, non-sticky, transparent, vegan, limitless looks, and pairs perfectly with Lift & Snatch!

Lift and Snatch Brow Tint Pen with up to 16 Hour Wear, Smudge Proof

How To Apply Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen | NYX Professional Makeup

Get a lifted brow look, in pen! This flexible micro-brush tip pen allows you to create thin to thick lines that actually look like hairs IRL. Tinted, buildable shades allow you to go from a super natural look-- to super snatched in a few quick flicks! Create a brow from nothing, fill in sparse areas, or build on top of your already snatched brows.

Get an instant brow lift look, in a brow tint pen! 10 tinted shades delivering micro, realistic hair-like strokes for a snatched brow look that lasts for 16 hours.

Bright Maker Primer, Infused with Papaya, Rich with Vitamin C

How To Apply Bright Maker in 2 Steps | NYX Professional Makeup

"How to apply Bright Maker in 2 steps! Step 1: Buff a thin veil of papaya-rich primer on your face using a soft, double fiber brush. Step 2: Slay all day with the look of Brightened, simple skin with or without foundation. Created by Makeup Pros in Los Angeles. "

The cheat code for brighter skin instantly. A 100% vegan brightening primer with a peach tinted formula that brightens all day long for every skin tone.

Shine Loud High Pigment Lip Shine | NYX Cosmetics

Meet our 1st ultra-pigmented high-shine lip color, with up to 16hr no transfer wear. Lightweight & comfy on the lips, this vegan formula delivers 1 swipe loud color with an ultra-glassy,non-sticky shine finish.

Shine out loud and leave no trace! 100% vegan, 16 hour pigmented shine for your lips that is kiss-safe, hairflip-safe, and mask-safe.


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