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How To Apply Fake Lashes Expertly Every Time

13 Jan 2023

Fake eyelashes aren’t just for the red carpet—applied properly, they can be an asset to even your everyday makeup routine. The right pair of falsies can make your lashes appear longer and fuller and create the illusion of bigger-looking eyes. They also provide the perfect finishing touch for bolder eye makeup looks (like a classic smokey eye). And best of all: Applying them doesn’t have to be complicated. Here, we’ll teach you how to apply fake lashes in five steps that are easy to master, whether you’re a first-timer or a pro. You’ll also learn some of our favorite tips and tricks for ensuring your (perfectly-applied) fake lashes look their best. Find all the details ahead.

Step 1: Choose a Lash Type

Before you get started with your lash application, there’s an important step you need to take: Choosing the best fake lashes for your desired look. Our Jumbo Lash! Vegan False Lashes come in different styles to complement an array of beauty vibes. If you favor a natural fake lash look, we recommend Wispy Flutter. As the name suggests, these falsies are wispy and feathery, which is ideal for a more subtle effect. For a full, thick fringe, consider snagging the Ego Flare lashes. You can also stack different styles for a bold, intensely voluminous effect. If you’re not sure which lashes suit your needs best, use our virtual try-on tool to test them out (from the comfort of home) before you commit.

Step 2: Gather The Essentials

In addition to your actual lash strips, there are a few supplies we recommend having on hand for a seamless fake lash application. First up is the adhesive. While many fake lashes require glue, our Jumbo Lash! Vegan False Lashes are completely glue-free. Instead, you use the coordinating Jumbo Lash! 2-in-1 Liner and Lash Adhesive for grip. It functions as an eyeliner and as an adhesive—and helps keep your lashes in place for up to 12 hours. You can buy the lashes and liner separately or snag them together in our Jumbo Lash! Longwear False Lash System fake lash kit. You’ll also want to grab some tweezers and a pair of eyebrow scissors.

Step 3: Trim The Lash Strip

Depending on the length of the lash strip you’ve chosen—as well as how long your natural lash line is—you may want to trim the lash strip down for a better fit. This is where those eyebrow scissors come in. Hold the lash strip horizontally right above your natural lash line. If you find it’s too long, use the eyebrow scissors to carefully trim the lash strip down to size. Alternatively, you can use our Extension Clusters. They’re much shorter than a traditional lash strip and ideal for adding volume to your outer corners (or customizing your lash look).

Step 4: Apply Your Adhesive

Next, grab your Jumbo Lash! 2-in-1 Liner & Lash Adhesive. Shake the tube well, then uncap it and, with the felt-tip applicator, carefully trace along your upper lash line—just like you would with a traditional liquid eyeliner. Then, go over the first line with a second coat and allow it to dry for two to three seconds.

Step 5: Carefully Put Your Lashes On

Lastly, secure your lashes to the adhesive liner, taking care to apply the strip as close to your natural lash line as possible. We recommend starting in the middle of your lid, then adjusting the inner and outer corners to get your ideal fit. If you’re having trouble seeing your lid and lash line as you do this, try looking downward into a handheld or desktop mirror. Looking downward makes your lids more visible, so it’s easier to see what you’re doing.

Tips & Tricks For Natural-Looking Fake Lashes

Now that you know how to put on fake lashes, find our best tips and tricks for a seamless application below.

  • Start with your other eye makeup
    Make applying false lashes the last step in your eye makeup routine to avoid getting product (like eyeshadow) on them.
  • Don’t put mascara on your false lashes
    You can wear mascara with fake lashes—doing so can help blend your natural lashes with the false ones. That said, you should apply mascara before falsies (rather than after) to help preserve them. Before reaching for your lash strips, give your natural lashes a boost with our Worth The Hype Waterproof Mascara.
  • Use half-lashes for a more natural effect
    If a softer, subtler look is what you’re after, try cutting your lash strips in half or using our Extension Clusters only on the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Curl your lashes
    Use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes before applying your fake lashes to help ensure a natural-looking, blended finish.
  • Remove your fake lashes carefully
    When removing your false lashes at the end of the day, grasp one end of the strip and slowly peel it off, pulling outward rather than upward. If there’s makeup on the lashes, you can give them a quick soak in micellar water. Be sure to let them dry and store them safely so you can reuse them next time your eye makeup look calls for long fake eyelashes.

Next: Need help getting an even application of your adhesive liner? Find our best eyeliner tips and tricks in our article Eyeliner 101: How To Apply Eyeliner Like a Real Pro.


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