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Cinnamon Roll Butter Lip Gloss. OG Cinnamon Roll is back!

OG Cinnamon Roll is Back!

25 Apr 2021

Return of the Mack!

After we initially discontinued the fan-fave color, we heard your voices and appreciated all of the residual love for the original Cinnamon Roll Butter Gloss shade. We’re now happy to share that the cool tone brown lip gloss shade that you know and love is back in stock and still buttery smooth. Big love to the whole NYX Professional Makeup community for the real talk. Please let us know if this one hits. And by the way, OG Cinnamon Roll is bringing some friends: 7 NEW rich juicy nudes for you with the same non-sticky shine. Stay tuned.

How to Use: Apply with the soft wand included in the tube. Wear alone, glide over your favorite lipstick, or pair with a matching liner.


Get your hands on the highly anticipated return:

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