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How to Plump Up Your Makeup Routine

How To Plump Up Your Makeup Routine

01 Jan 2022

Hydrated, moisturized skin is always in style, so plumper is always better when it comes to your makeup! Yes, the makeup products you choose like plumping lip color or lip gloss are important, but it’s what you apply before and after your makeup application that will make your plump pop! Let NYX Professional Makeup help take your makeup look to the next plumping level with electrolyte-infused products that help plump up your makeup routine.


It’s best to create a perfectly smooth canvas for your makeup to help keep it stay in place, so applying primer before you start is always a must. When it comes to primer, have you ever thought of having an instant plump while preparing your skin for makeup? Reach for a primer that’s infused with 5 electrolytes and vitamins! We recommend NYX Professional Makeup Plump Right Back Primer & Serum. This lightweight, vegan, and cruelty-free primer plumps like a serum and is infused with 5 electrolytes and vitamins like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Magnesium, and Potassium. It gives your makeup all-day wear and provides an instant a plump look.


For best results when applying primer, always use a blending applicator. NYX Professional Makeup Plump Right Back Silicone Blender Applicator was made to go hand-in-hand with our primer & serum. This pro-grade silicone wingman provides a flawless makeup application every time. Plump it up with an applicator! We cannot forget to mention that this applicator also blends makeup with minimum product waste since the silicon material doesn’t absorb product.

BONUS TIP: Store silicone applicator in refrigerator or freezer for an instant cooling sensation!


Let the plumping continue with a powerful skin-loving setting spray that helps refresh skin and keep makeup fresh all day. NYX Professional Makeup Plump Finish Setting Spray is an electrolyte-infused setting spray that is packed with ingredients like Aloe, Magnesium, Zinc, Citric Acid, and Biotin. Skin instantly feels moisturized without feeling oily or greasy. Plus, it helps reduce makeup transfer and smudging to provide up to 24-hour wear. Plumping and Prolonging your makeup is just a mist away!


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