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Proud Allies for All



15 May 2022


At NYX Professional Makeup, we celebrate PRIDE 365 days of the year. But every year, we spotlight a different part of the LGBTQIA+ community to bridge the proverbial gap with makeup. For 2023 we’re glamming out our avatars and logging into our favorite games. In partnership with Twitch, we are saying game over to the haters—amplifying LGBTQIA+ gaming youth to create safe spaces for individuals to be unapologetically themselves on and offline!

NYX Pride - Vivid Brights makeup collection

Let’s meet five LGBTQIA+ real-life gamers who aren’t just fabulous Twitch streamers, they also love to get glam while they #GAMEOUTLOUD.

We’re taking you behind the scenes to break down the artistry involved in each of the gamer’s makeup looks inspired by their favorite game, how gaming has cultivated community and created a safe space for celebrating individuality.


NYX Pride - Brian's makeup look

BRIAN (he/him)


Exaggerated pixel graphics slay. For Brian’s look, we were inspired by his favorite games’ artistic style: voxel art. Voxel art is the 3D version of pixel art, which we’ve recreated on the center plane of Brian’s face. We loved the idea of taking something specific to the game, like the pixelation detail of the environment and translate that into a digital inspired makeup look.

“Gaming is a huge part of my [makeup] inspiration. All the characters, the way I pose, everything”


ROCK THE LOOK: The pixelated detail wraps from his temple to the apples of the cheeks. To get this look, you’ll want to grab a few shades of Epic Wear Liner Stick. On set, the artist used Pink Spirit, Emerald Cut, Chartreuse Cash, Pure White and Pitch Black to sketch out little squares to mimic the digital details. Once each square is filled in, the squares are filled with Vivid Brights Liquid Liner in Ghosted Green and Had Me at Yellow for added opacity and an extra pop of color.

NYX Pride - Frederic's makeup look


FREDERIC (he/him)


For Frederic, gaming has provided him a sense of belonging and a place where he can be exactly who he is.

“I don't have to feel like I'm not allowed to be in this space. I used to think that about makeup too. I said, ‘Oh, it's not for me.’ And then look at me now.”


Similar to gaming, makeup can be an intimidating space, one that you’re not sure will be accepting until you make the leap and dive in. Frederic’s game of choice is all about building the farm of your dreams, customizing your avatar and cultivating a community. Basically creating the life you want to lead, and we’re here for it. What we love about Frederic’s look is that it’s not a typical makeup look and leans into a more artistic and fun expression of self.

ROCK THE LOOK: Sweet strawberry fields and cherry trees are the crops of Frederic’s farm choice. To get this glam face on, the eyes are kept low-key with a twotoned floating liner, using Epic Wear Liner Stick in Pink Spirit and Emerald Cut. Sprinkled across the center of the face are cherries and strawberries created with Vivid Bright Liquid Liners Sneaky Pink and Don’t Pink Twice and the stems are detailed with Vivid Bright Liquid Liner in Ghosted Green.

NYX Pride - Glitch's makeup look

GLITCH (she/her)


At NYX Professional Makeup we champion freedom of expression.

“I’m glad that more games are finally, finally giving us the option to put ourselves in the game.”


Like makeup, there are so many different ways to to add your personal touch in your avatar and gaming environment. Adjusting the eye color, lip shape, clothing style and accessories. (All the accessories!) Glitch’s game has the power of the elements on her side, so it was only fitting to glam her up with something electrically charged: lightning bolts.

ROCK THE LOOK: When lightning strikes, Glitch will be bringing the heat! Choose your team wisely, a shock of red on the inner corner of the eye and blue on the opposing side is a major giveaway to her game of choice. On set, we wanted to heat it up with something truly electric! The lightning details were sketched out with Epic Wear Liner Stick in Pure White and highlighted with Cosmic Yellow, Pitch Black and Blue Trip. To detail the eyes, the artist created a graphic liner using Epic Ink Liquid Liner and detailed with Vivid Bright Liquid Liner in Had Me at Yellow. The end result was electric!

NYX Pride - Lilly's makeup look

LILLY (she/her)


Lilly, on the parallels of makeup and gaming,

“[Makeup] It’s a way to create a fantasy. And I think gaming is the same way. I can be who I want. No one else is picking for me.”


Give us the fantasy, our beauty community can relate! The same can be said for getting ready and doing your makeup, one day you can turn it up with fiery red lips and others you can serve with an everyday look, the choice is yours!

ROCK THE LOOK: Creating the pastel fantasy, with two-toned eyes with a center forehead embellishment. The eyes are smoked out with Epic Wear Liner Stick in shades Blue Trip and Graphic Purple on the upper lid, Pink Spirit Blown out on the lower and Silver Lining popped on the inner corner. The artists on set, used Vivid Bright Liquid Liners diffused to create a soft gradient around the embellishment with Blue Thang and Lilac Link.

NYX Pride - Martin's makeup look

MARTIN (he/him)


“Having the power of makeup at your disposal is really cool. If my character looks cute doing this, so can I. Once I discovered video games, it made me feel like I wasn't invisible anymore.”


We see you! And are intrigued to see you and your avatar glamming and gaming IRL. Meet Martin, a rockstar gamer and a NYX Professional Makeup PRO Artist! So you know we he says he gets cute for gaming, he gets real cute.

ROCK THE LOOK: Martin’s favorite game is known for its stunning visual elements, specifically scenes of stunning washes of color. To emulate this, the artists on set created a spectrum gradient with various shades of Epic Wear Liner Stick. Pink Spirit, Emerald Cut, Chartreuse Cash and Cosmic Yellow are blended to perfection to emulate the beauty of a mystic world beyond. To really amp up this look, the spectrum design is topped with Metallic Glitter in Lumi-Lite and Style Star.


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