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Soap Brows: How To Get Full, Fluffy Eyebrows

What Are Soap Brows? Explaining The TikTok Trend

06 Apr 2023

One of our favorite aspects of social media is that it tends to inspire creativity—especially when it comes to beauty trends. TikTok, in particular, is chock-full of innovative beauty hacks that can amplify (or simplify) your routine. One such hack that we’re loving as of late is soap brows.

It’s not totally clear who popularized the brow-soaping trend, but what is clear is its popularity: The #soapbrow hashtag has been used more than 385 million times on TikTok alone. In this guide, we’re breaking down the eyebrow trend and what it entails. You’ll also learn how to recreate this fluffy brow look at home with your favorite eyebrow makeup. Find all the details below.

What Are Soap Brows?

The term “soap brows” (or “soap eyebrows”) refers to an eyebrow styling trend where you brush up your brows with soap for a lifted, fluffy appearance. It’s similar in style to laminated brows—only it can be done at home (no salon visit needed). Fans of the trend claim that the eyebrow soap provides the texture and hold needed to help your brows stay lifted (while still having a soft and natural-looking “your brows but better” finish).

How To Create Soap Brows In 5 Steps

The beauty of the soap brow trend is that it’s super easy to achieve—really, all you need is a clean spoolie brush, an eyebrow pencil or pen, and (of course), a bar of soap. Here, learn how to create full and fluffy soap brows in five simple steps.

Step 1: Dampen Your Spoolie

The first step of this brow routine is pretty straightforward. Take your clean spoolie brush and run it under warm water until it’s sufficiently damp.

Step 2: Coat The Bristles In Soap

Next, rub your dampened spoolie onto a clean bar of face soap to coat the bristles. Generally, transparent formulas are recommended for this trend—colorful soaps have the potential to leave behind a tinted residue.

Step 3: Brush Through Your Brows

Hold your spoolie brush vertically (in other words, perpendicular to your brows) and brush your brows in the opposite direction of hair growth, then again in the direction of hair growth. This will help coat both sides of your brows and provide more hold.

Step 4: Brush Your Brows Up

Before the soap dries, rotate the spoolie brush, so it’s parallel to your brows. Then, brush them upward to create your full, lifted soap brow look.

Step 5: Fill and Define

Once the soap dries, use our Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen to add definition to your brows and fill in any sparse areas. This buildable brow pen features a thin, flexible micro-brush tip ideal for creating hair-like strokes. Plus, it comes in 10 tinted shades and offers up to 16 hours of smudge- and transfer-resistant wear.

How To Try The Fluffy Brow Trend Without Brow Soap

If you don’t have a bar of soap handy, that’s okay—you can get a similar look with your normal eyebrow products, too. This method is particularly beneficial for those who have lighter brows that need added tint or definition to reach their full potential (pun intended). Plus, using long-lasting brow products can help give your fluffed-up arches extra hold.

Learn how to nail the soap brow look without soap—and discover which products we recommend using instead—ahead.

Step 1: Brush Through Brows With Brow Gel

The technique for creating this look sans soap is pretty similar to what we described above, though you’ll be using Thick It Stick It! Brow Gel to shape your brows instead of soap. It offers long-lasting hold (up to 16 hours), which is key for keeping brushed-up brows in place.

Choose a shade that closely matches your natural brow hairs (if you’re stuck between two colors, opt for the lighter one). Then, use the included spoolie to brush your brows forward, backward, and, finally, upward to create a full, lifted shape.

Step 2: Fill In Sparse Areas

Once your brow gel sets, determine if there are any areas you’d like to fill in or define. If there are, use a brow pencil, such as our Micro Brow Pencil, to draw hair-like strokes in the areas that need it. Alternatively, try our Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil—it boasts a waxy, blendable formula that’s ideal for creating full-looking brows.

Step 3 (optional): Set With a Long-Lasting Brow Gel

For added hold, or to help waterproof your brows, set your finished look in place with The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler. The flake-resistant brow gel delivers up to 16 hours of non-sticky hold for all-day brow looks. Opt for the clear gel if you’re just after hold, or reach for one of the four tinted options for added color.

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