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Striking blue eyeshadow looks

Embrace Color With These Striking Blue Eyeshadow Looks

03 Dec 2022

From pastel to cobalt to deepest navy, blue is an incredibly versatile color. For some, the cool hue evokes thoughts of summery seaside scenes; for others, it’s the color of prep-school blazers and glittering regal sapphires. But for all its versatility, blue is often overlooked as a wearable everyday eyeshadow color. Truthfully, we’re not entirely sure why: A blue eyeshadow look can be soft and elegant, vivid and vibrant, or totally whimsical—it all comes down to the shade you choose (and how you wear it). To help you find the best way to rock this hue, we’re sharing some of our favorite blue eye makeup looks. Whether you prefer keeping it low-key with a subtle pop of color or favor bold brights, we've got you covered. Keep reading to discover nine simple blue eyeshadow ideas you can try right now.

Smokey Dark Blue Eyeshadow

If you’re looking for a playful twist on your classic smokey eye, try adding a touch of blue. This look is subtle enough to be wearable but different enough that it’s a fun departure from your everyday eye makeup. Plus, blue smokey eye makeup is super easy to achieve with our Jumbo Eye Pencils. You’ll need two shades for this sultry look: Blueberry (a deep indigo blue) and Black Bean, a classic matte black. First, use the navy blue eyeshadow crayon to cover your upper lid from your lash line to the crease. Then, use the black pencil to create a “C” shape, starting at your outer corner and extending it up into your crease (stopping about three-quarters of the way to your inner corner). With a blending brush (such as our Micro Blending Brush), begin buffing in small, circular motions to diffuse the color. Once you’ve finished blending, complete the look by lining your upper and lower waterlines with a long-wearing eyeliner pencil, like our Epic Wear Waterproof Eyeliner Stick in Pitch Black.

Graphic Sapphire Liner

For a bold but deceptively simple blue eye makeup look, swap out your go-to black eyeliner for an azure version, like Epic Wear Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Sapphire. Use the eyeliner’s flexible brush-tip applicator to create a precise, exaggerated wing on your upper lid (if you need a refresher on how to do this, our article Eyeliner 101: How To Apply Eyeliner Like a Real Pro breaks it down, step-by-step). Leave it as-is for a subtly colorful take on a classic winged look, or enhance it further by tracing along your lower waterline with a lighter blue eyeliner—we love Epic Wear Waterproof Eyeliner Stick in the shade Chill Blue.

Turquoise Inner Corners

Create a subtle (and super-easy) blue eyeshadow look by upgrading a basic cat eye with turquoise inner corners. Here’s how: First, line your upper lids with a black liquid eyeliner, like our Epic Ink Liner. Extend the line beyond the outer corners of your eye to create a sharp, defined wing. Then, dip a small eyeshadow brush like our Micro Detail Brush into a bright turquoise eyeshadow. Lightly sweep the brush over the inner corners of your eyes to give your look a pop of playful color that isn’t overpowering.

Icy Blue Shimmer

Icy light blue eyeshadow is super cool—especially when it boasts a bit of glimmer. To rock a frosty light blue eye makeup look, grab our Ultimate Glow Shots in the shade Blueberry Baller. This shimmery liquid eyeshadow delivers up to 12 hours of comfortable wear with no flakes or fallout. Use the attached applicator to sweep the baby blue shadow onto your lids and lower lash line, building color until you reach your desired opacity. Pair it with a subtle lip—nude shades are among the best lip colors to pair with blue eyeshadow.

Blue Mod Eyeshadow

Show off your creative side with graphic, ‘60s-inspired mod eye makeup. For this statement-making look, you’ll need an opaque, pale blue eyeshadow (our Ultimate Eye Paint in the shade Calling All Allies is perfect for the job). Use your fingers or our Pro Flat Detail Brush to apply the pigment to your lids, extending the color just beyond your natural crease. Then, trace along the uppermost edge of the blue with Epic Wear Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in White to create a graphic white border. A few coats of lengthening black mascara provides the perfect finishing touch for this playful light blue eyeshadow look.

Kaleidoscopic Color

 Blue makeup looks don’t have to be just blue—you can also pair the versatile shade with other hues, like pink, purple, or green. Then, add different shades (we suggest shimmery pinks and purples) to your inner corner, crease, brow bone, and lower lash line to create a bold rainbow effect. Be sure to blend the colors well, so there are no obvious lines of demarcation. The end result should be soft and diffused—but undeniably colorful.

Vibrant Violet and Blue Eyes

For a subtler but equally striking multicolored eye look, reach for our Ultimate Eye Paint in the shades Calling All Allies and Fly The Flag. The former is a pure, medium matte blue, while the latter is a complementary cool violet. Apply the blue shade to the inner half of your lid, then use your fingers or a brush to swipe the purple shade onto the outer half. With a blending brush, blur the boundary between the two colors to create a smooth transition from blue to violet. You can also apply this look in reverse, putting the purple shade on the inner corners and the blue shade on the outer corners. Either way, the end result will not disappoint.

Electric Blue Lids

If you want bold color and lots of shimmer, this iridescent blue eyeshadow look is right up your alley. First, use our Prismatic Shadows in the shade Blue Jeans to color your entire lid up to your crease. Then, create contrast by lining your upper and lower lids with a darker blue eyeliner, such as Epic Wear Waterproof Eyeliner Stick in the shade Turquoise Storm.

Pro Tip: Monochromatic blue eye makeup is gorgeous, but if you want to go even further, try a blue and silver eyeshadow look. We suggest sweeping the Prismatic Shadow shade Frostbite along your brow bone and inner corners after applying your blue shadow for a pop of silvery metallic shimmer.

Ocean-Inspired Eyes

Evoke the vibrant shades of the sea by using multiple blue shadows to color your lids. For this nautical look, you’ll need the Ultimate Color Palette in Brights. Start by sweeping the lightest matte teal shade onto your lid, stopping just below the crease. Then, darken your crease and outer corner with the deeper matte blue shade to create an ombré effect (blend it well for a seamless gradient from light to dark). Next, lightly tap the palette’s shimmery teal shade onto your inner corners with a small detailing eyeshadow brush. Finally, line your upper and lower lash lines with our Retractable Eyeliner in the shade Deep Blue and finish with a coat of On The Rise Volume Liftscara. The effect: bold, bright, and unapologetically blue.

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