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Celebrate National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day Collaboration

25 Apr 2021

Celebrate National Lipstick Day with us!

For National Lipstick Day this year on July 29th, we've teamed up with L.A.-based avant-garde designer and pro makeup artists @Sage.White!. Kick off your #HOTPINKSUMMER with our vegan lipsticks and limited-edition stickers + makeup bag designed exclusively by Sage White. If you want to learn more about her and her passion for creation check out our exclusive interview with her below!

Sage White

Who Are You?

"My name is Sage White. I’m a Pro Makeup Artist currently living in LA."

What Are You Doing?

"I am creating what comes to me. From stickers to bucket hats, I’m going with the flow & every idea that has come to me, I’m bringing it to life."

Why Are You Doing It?

"I’ve always been an artist. Whether I’m singing, songwriting, drawing or doing makeup looks, I am always creating art. I started Sage White Beauty as a way to create fun products.

One quote that I live by: 'Sometimes our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate but powerful beyond measure.' Instead of asking myself 'why me?', I ask 'why not?' & then I go after what I want!"

Can't wait for more from Sage White x NYX Professional Makeup? Rendez-vous on our @nyxcosmetics page on July 29th for a chance to win an exclusive makeup bag designed by Sage White plus our #hotpinksummer lippies!

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